? If you need a personal dance host or escort to an event- formal or casual I can provide safe, professional and entertaining companion services.
Paying for hosts who are inadequate dancers or who make inappropriate advances can be an unpleasant experience.

I have worked as a host for over twenty years for a variety of social functions as casual as a senior's dance or as formal as Ben Dela Vega's Black & White Ball as well as for cruise lines such as Norwegian Cruise Lines. I have always surpassed requirements for dance ability, background checks and overall trustworthiness and reliability.

My rate is $60 per hour with a two hour minimum.
I will work with a single client or if you wish you may split my fee among one or two friends (no more than three total clients per event). I take pride in my ability to provide quality service. If you are disatisfied with my services you owe nothing.

Please allow no less than a full weeks notice for scheduling. Any costs associated with an event, i.e., admission, food or transportation (other than my personal vehicle) must be paid in addition to my service fee. You may contact me by phone: 469-579-7621 or by email: qes3000@yahoo.com.